You can experience everything during your stay at Hof van Zeeland Holiday Park. For example, our animation team organizes fun activities for both the young and the elderly during the Dutch school holidays (in accordance with the southern part of the Netherlands). For example, the children are picked up by the animation team and the mascot in the morning, after which they can dance and do crafts. In the afternoon, a sporting activity is planned, and the day ends with the famous mini disco. For the elderly, an archery course and a bingo are organized.

In addition, various events are organized in the vicinity of the park and there are nice attractions that you can visit. You will find all the information you need under the section See & Do and the Hof van Zeeland. You can also go there for tips for going out and up to date information about the opening times.

Do you want to know what there is to do at the park during your vacation? Then select your holiday period below and see what is being organized at and the park and in the surroudings.

Mini Disco

During the school vacations in the Netherlands we organize nightly Mini Disco parties for all children. Along with the animation team we will be swinging to fun music accompanied by related dances. Theo will of course also swing with you during the Mini Disco. There are also special Mini Disco CD's for sale at the reception. The Mini Disco always takes place at the Brasserie or at the Kids Club.


During the Dutch school holidays it takes place every day. For example you can make your own picture frame or you can make a mask of Theo. Of course the animation team will help so that everyone goes home with a beautiful craft. We first start with the Hof van Zeeland holiday dance after which the crafting begins. Around 11.00 the kids will get something to drink and then we're going to do a fun and sporty game. We conclude the crafting morning with a spectacular dance. The crafts activities are organized every morning from 10:00 to 11:30 at the Kids Club.


Hof van Zeeland has its own mascot and his name is Hein. He welcomes everyone on Friday at reception and is present every day at the crafts morning and the Mini Disco. Hein also has its own Mini Disco song. Would you like to meet Hein, do a little dance with him or take a picture together? You can! Hein is in our park during the school holidays. Every morning the children are picked up by Hein and they do a little holiday dance together to start the day. If you would like to have a little souvenir from Hein at home, buy one of his lovely Mini Disco Cd's.


Spend your holiday active and relaxed! The animation team organizes fun sport activities for young and old. In the afternoon there are fun like “bottle football” or street painting. There are various sport activities for the elderly, like football, volleyball and bowling. Of course there are also great prizes to be won in these sport tournaments. Sport activities are usually held on the sport fields.


Programming vacations

Herfstvakantie week 1
09 - 15 Oct 2020
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Autumn break
16 - 25 Oct 2020
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18 Dec - 03 Jan 2021
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12 - 21 Feb 2021
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02 - 05 Apr 2021
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30 Apr - 09 May 2021
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